Architectural Approval Application

Architectural Approval 

Blackthorne Estates Covenants state that the architectural committee/ developer must approve most exterior home projects including building a swing set trampoline, or basketball hoop, adding a deck or patio, installing a fence, putting in a pool or hot tubs, large scale landscaping plans, new driveway, awnings, built in  barbecues, etc.  Basically any project that will change the outer appearance of your property . Shed building/installation requires approval as well.

The Blackthorne Estates Architectural Control Committee reminds residents to make contact and follow procedures for gaining approval before work begins.  Variances or waivers may be granted on an individual basis but you must follow the approval process. This  may include providing proof of township permits and accurate drawings

For approval use this application approval form , attach all required ducuments, and email to a member of the architectural committee.  

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