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Published on 4/23/2020 8:31:00 PM

Please abide by the Club at Blackthorne rules and regulations! 

Blackthorne Golf Management LLC shall have the sole right to comment and enforce the following rules.


For the following purposes only, the golf course shall be deemed open from sunrise to sunset between April 1st and November 15th each year:

  1. When the course is Open, unaccompanied children of residents are not allowed on the golf course at any time except as designated herein.
  2. Residents are permitted to walk on the cart path at your own risk during times the golf course is not open before 8:00 a.m. on weekdays and before 7:30 on weekends, unless they are playing golf as allowed under the Golf Course Rules. Pets are not permitted on golf course at any time
  3. When the course is not open, residents may walk or run on the cart path at your own risk.  Bicycles, roller blades/skates, and other wheeled or mechanized vehicles of any type are not permitted on the cart paths at any time!
  4.  Except for the 9th hole and on greens, where it is expressly prohibited at all times, sledding and cross-country skiing will be permitted on the golf course, with adult supervision, during periods of snow; however, sleds with runners are prohibited at all times.


1.    All competitions shall be conducted under the rules of the U.S.G.A., subject to such modifications as are permitted due to local conditions.

2.    Practice is not permitted on any part of the golf course or the grounds surrounding the clubhouse at any time for any reason.

3.    Proper dress shall be worn at all times on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Pool attire, halter tops, jeans, tee shirts without collars and shorts or skirts that are more than 3” above the knee are not allowed at any time.

4.    Shoes are required on the golf course. Metal spikes are prohibited. Only spike-less or soft-spike golf shoes shall be allowed in the clubhouse and on the golf course. Residents shall be responsible for asking their guests to report to the locker room/pro shopstaff for replacement of metal spikes with soft spikes. Any person found playing with metal spikes will be asked to immediately return to the locker room/pro shop and have the metal spikes replaced before rejoining his or her group.

5.    If any golfer damages an adjacent homeowner’s property with an errant shot, common courtesy requires that the golfer to notify the aggrieved party and/or Blackthorne Golf Management LLC at the pro shop of their identity and offer to pay for the damage.

6.    Residents playing golf are expected to care for the course. Divots shall be replaced or reseeded with material provided on tees and in carts; ball marks are to be repaired on greens.  Bunkers are to be entered and exited from their lowest point; all bunkers must be raked after each use.

7.    It is the duty of each resident using the facilities to familiarize him or herself with and observe the Rules of Etiquette as required by the U.S.G.A. in the Rules of Golf.

                    8.   No group of more than four persons shall be allowed on the course without prior permission of the pro shop. All residents, their families and guests shall abide by all

                 Rules and Regulations of the Club as may be in effect from time-to-time.


  1. All residents, their families and guests shall abide by all Rules and Regulations of the Club as may be in effect from time-to-time.
  2. At all times while using the Club Facilities for any reason, including functions and meetings, residents shall not display rude or offensive behavior. When a resident is using or occupying a Club Facilities, Blackthorne Golf Management LLC shall have the sole right to adjudge behavior as rude or offensive using generally accepted standards of decorum.
  3. Performance by entertainers will be permitted at the Club Facilities only with prior written permission of Blackthorne Golf Management LLC.
  4. Blackthorne Golf Management LLC must furnish all food and beverages consumed at the Club Facilities once Food and Beverage Services become available.
  5. Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold, nor permitted to be consumed, at the Club in any manner prohibited by law. Blackthorne Golf Management LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service to any resident, family member or guest when that person appears to be intoxicated.
  6. Pets are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the golf course at any time.  In most instances the white out of bounds markers define the boundaries of the golf course.
  7. Proper golf attire must be worn in the Clubhouse, except for special events, where separate dress code may be required. Swim attire will be permitted solely in the fenced pool area, including the pool snack shop, and the changing rooms. Swim attire is prohibited in the clubhouse and golf facilities, including the locker rooms.
  8. Subscription papers or soliciting of any kind will not be allowed in the Club or on the grounds. No advertising notices shall be posted. The resident roster may not be used for solicitation of any kind.
  9. No petition shall be originated, solicited, circulated or posted in the Club Facilities.
  10. Children of any age are not permitted to romp and play in the Clubhouse or on the golf course or in the immediate vicinity thereof. When making use of the Club Facilities children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult.
  11. Owners and drivers of automobiles or other vehicles are required to observe posted traffic and parking regulations.


1.    Only golf carts furnished by Blackthorne Golf Management LLC are allowed on the course or grounds.

2.    Golf carts are not permitted to leave the golf course or parking lots at any time.

3.    Residents wishing to use a cart must so indicate at the time of check-in. No reservation of golf carts will be accepted, and carts shall be made available on an as-available basis. 

4.    A maximum of two persons may ride in carts. 

5.    Carts are never permitted within fifty (50’) feet of any green or in the long fescue grass and must at all times obey the cart exclusion markings and may not cross any roped off area or the cart path curbing.

6.    Carts must not enter any waste bunker or sand trap.

7.    The Director of Golf and Greens Superintendent shall have absolute power to regulate the use of carts from day to day, and may designate any of the following conditions:


  1. The golf course is open and carts may be driven both in the fairway and in the mowed blue grass rough.
  2. The golf course is open, but carts are restricted to the mowed blue grass rough

and right angle crossing only of the fairway.     

  1. The golf course is open, but carts are restricted to cart paths only.
  2. The golf course is closed.

8.  Children under the age of 16 shall not be allowed to drive golf carts.

9.  Anyone found abusing a golf cart will lose the privilege of using a golf cart, except as a passenger.


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